CASE STUDY: About Aman Food Court

The Aman Food court is located in "Savin Kingdom". Savin Kingdom is one of the biggest amusement and Water Park in Siliguri located in the heart of the city, near the Hill Cart Road (Tenzing Norgay Road). Being the only Food Court in the park we have to handle a great number of customers every day. Our elaborate menu especially framed to satisfy customers include wide range of North Indian, South Indian, and tandoori cuisine with verity of appetiser soups & salads. This is actually a fast food counter and we have to deal with our customer with rapidity and satisfaction. The food court is divided into two separate parts, but we have only one billing counter. It is basically a prepaid counter; the customers have to pay the bill before they have their food. We have over 50+ employees and the increase in customer number leads us to increase the number. Every day over 1500 bills were created. At the end of the day the customer's satisfaction is our greatest achievement and every day we are creating more and more satisfied customers.

Challenges of Aman Food Court

Being located in the heart of the city, we have to deal with a large number of customers every day. To maintain the customer pressure at peak time we have to deal with them with a faster transaction rate. Slower transaction rate is a barrier between the customer satisfaction and profit.

We were using manual billing and manual coupon system. Customers used to pay their bills and we used to make their bills, KOTs and coupons manually. But at the peak time it is become impossible to maintain such age old procedure with the increasing customer pressure. At the day end we have a heap of bills to calculate all them manually.

• Decrease transaction time
• Increase footfall
• Fast training of our staffs (We have running business so can't afford more time to spend on staff's training)
• Fast reporting system
• Increase management
• Customer satisfaction

Solution by Ranger POS

We were asked to buy computers, POS printers, and Ranger POS Retail software. Ranger also provided us full training about the software. Currently we were running...

• Coupon based transaction (customer pays bill and software generates the coupons at a very fast rate)
• Software also prints KOTs for specific kitchens, separately. We just feed the items in the software and it prints the KOTs in respective kitchens automatically. By using this methods transaction time decreases tremendously
• Now we can see the reports whenever we want
• Ranger POS provided a very good, efficient and fast Installation and training about the software
• Now I can restrict the users from viewing the reports and they can concentrate on their specific jobs
• Above all our customers are very much satisfied with the newly installed system, now they don't have to wait longer for their Foods

Benefits Derived using Ranger POS

With such systems in place, we managed to increase our business, now we have...

• Happy Customers
• Happy Supplier
• Happy Staff
• Increased Margins
• Increased staffs and kitchen Management
• Increase Raw materials Management